JJ Clip For Medial Malleolus

Anatomical shape customs bendable clip and new cortical screw which Provide compression and maintain the reduction of medial malleolus.

Anatomical shape - No periosteum and subcutaneous muscle.

JJ Clip crosses the fracture line- this prevents mediolateral movement of fracture fragments.

Cortical screw

Inbuilt Dynamic slope at screw head – acts as a micro compression device to provide a buttress effect that compresses the fracture fragment. The inbuilt cap of the compression screw prevents slippage of the clip from the cortical screw head. The cortical screw engages the clip on a stable bone fragment that prevents vertical (up & Down) motion of the clip.

JJ Clip, Medial malleolus Fracture compression

Easy to operate reduces surgical time.

JJ Clip surgical technique

Stronger than tension bend- In the mechanical test fixation was maintained at 180 kg

JJ Clip strength test in Medial malleolus Fracture

Bending instruments that bend the clip according to the anatomy and size of the bone

JJ Clip bender